Beyond the Frame

Stepping beyond the boundaries of conventional painting, Golbs embraces the frame as an integral part of her artistic composition. Rather than confining her creative energy within the canvas, she seamlessly expands her brushstrokes onto the wooden edges, blurring the distinction between the artwork and its supporting structure. This bold departure from tradition challenges the notion of a painting as a two-dimensional object and instead transforms it into a multidimensional experience.

This page featuring a selection of artworks from the prestigious series Beyond the Frame. By simply clicking on the images that catch your eye, you’ll be able to explore these artworks in their full-size glory. If you’re seeking a fresh perspective, we invite you to experience our Virtual Exhibition in stunning 3D.

Short Facts: Painting over the frame is a departure from the traditional norms of art and is generally considered an unconventional practice. The frame of a painting has long been regarded as a separate entity from the artwork itself, serving as a boundary that defines and enhances the composition.

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