Signature Collection

The Signature Collection by Juliane Golbs showcases a unique monogram artwork. Each piece is painted onto the monogram, resulting in a fascinating layering effect. The current monogram consists of the letters JG representing Juliane Golbs, a crown, a rabbit with a hat, and an anchor. Immerse yourself in this symbolic world and explore the artistic fusion expressed in every artwork of the Signature Collection.

This page featuring a selection of artworks from our prestigious Signature Collection. By simply clicking on the images that catch your eye, you’ll be able to explore these artworks in their full-size glory. If you’re seeking a fresh perspective, we invite you to experience our Virtual Exhibition in stunning 3D.

Short Facts: In the realm of art, a monogram is a distinctive symbol or design composed of one or more letters, typically representing an artist’s initials or name. Monograms have been used throughout history as a way to personalize and authenticate artistic works. They add a touch of identity and individuality to the artwork, serving as a recognizable signature for the artist. Monograms in art can vary in style, complexity, and symbolism, allowing artists to express their creativity and leave a lasting mark on their creations.

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